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Pro-Active Health & Healing Lifestyle

Being the Best You

The New Age Self-Help Community
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The aim is to provide information about pro-active alternative health and healing lifestyles, as well as to provide resources for those who make a living at it.

Topic suggestions:
Motivational quotes
Book Reviews
Experience with alternative therapies
Health News
Environmental News
Breaking past limiting ideas & beliefs
Samples of your personal plans, goals and/or regimens which have brought you success

Rules if you need them:
Watch your language
No trolling.. you'll be banned faster than a speeding bullet. 8)
Cite your sources if you're presenting 'studies', statistics, etc.
Give credit to quotes (no plagiarism)
No extensive quoting.. process what you've learned and put it in your own language. 8)
No spam (stuff you think is necessary to post to every journal you can think of.)
While some political issues are obviously of our interest, some issues are highly volatile and preferably not introduced here.